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Advice for a Fancy Dress party !


I'm going to a fancy dress party in a few weeks time and i'm looking for a bit of inspiration.

My wife will be going as well and i like the idea of going as a couple with a movie theme.

What i really want to go as, is Arnold from T2, and my wife as Sarah Connor. But the only costumes i can find are stupid looking ones, with a pathetic looking mask and all from Terminator Salvation.

All i need really is the leather jacket, pants, boots, shades, bullet belt ( i should have quoted that from the movie :D ) My wife would really like to be Sarah Connor as well, but the biggest problem there is her shades, and getting a reasonable looking pair to pull it off. Her second option is to go as Lara Croft.

If i can't do Arnold, i'm thinking Neo and Trinity.

Thoughts anyone :smashin:


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I hate fancy dress so the only thing I go as is an Extra "sitting at the bar, drinking"..


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If i can't do Arnold, i'm thinking Neo and Trinity.
That might sound like a good idea but you'll look like a pair of *****. No one is cool enough to pull off that look.

I wouldn't have thought it'd be that hard to find Arnie/Sarah Connor clothes. You can definitely get the sunglasses on ebay. The leather clothing will probably be harder to come by. You might be better off investing in a decent leather jacket if that's the case.

Personally, I'd go as Mickey and Mallory Knox.


I won a bottle of champagne for my Shrek rendition :D And that was a pillow not my gut ;)


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Go as Adam and Eve, think of the money you will save on costumes :devil:

How about some X Men or other super heros etc..

Pulp Fiction springs to mind too.

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Recharging my H.E.V suite and polishing my crowbar


Picture added to previous post ;) I shaved my head and beard specially :)


What happened to the jeans? :laugh:

If you're thinking what I think you're thinking they were "moleskin" and the nap was divided rather unfortunately :D

My wife made a good Fiona, but I can't find the other half of the photo (It's ten years old :)


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Don't go as anything green - I did it with the whole Robin Hood getup (don't ask). As interesting a suggestion as Shrek and Fiona is...

Why can your wife not get glammed up as say Marilyn Monroe?


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Done the T2 thing before, trick is getting the leathers right, having a gun (!) and getting someone to make your face look like it's torn to pieces.


Done the T2 thing before, trick is getting the leathers right, having a gun (!) and getting someone to make your face look like it's torn to pieces.

A torn up face isn't the look i'd go for, i'd keep it clean.

So leathers, boots, shades, huge bullet belt ( no gun )


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The Punisher is also pretty easy.

You can get the Skull T Shirt from Play.com for a reasonable price, and it's much more recognisable IMO.


A few good couple costumes...


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Went as Pete and Jordan to our last one which worked really well (wife had 'I hate Pete' badge on). Isn't there already a theme mentioned on the invite, the last 10 at least fancy dress parties I have been to have had a theme mentioned.


Nope, no theme has been mentioned at all - just Fancy Dress Party !

Pete and Katy ! mmmm maybe !


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Not movie related but how about the Beckhams.

You just need a Man U/England/Real Madrid/LA Galaxy shirt and she just needs a little black dress!

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