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Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I asked for advice between 3 TV models to buy from 65 ".
The problem is that I had made a somewhat risky choice in wanting to choose a 65 "model, perhaps doing the math well in the room where I would like to place it, it would be better to put a 55 or at most a 58".

While on the 55 "I know that there is an embarrassment of choice and the advice you gave me for the previous TV is certainly valid, this does not happen for the 58" panels.

So now I ask you, hoping that it will be the last time (and so to go to the store with a little clear ideas): among the 58 "televisions, there is one in particular that" stands out "among all the others that you know?

For the moment I have found these models:

I honestly don't know of other brands that produce panels of this size.

The hisense as a panel looks the best, but on the smart side I haven't heard much about it.
Panasonic and Philips don't really know them, I think (but I still don't understand) that Philips should use Android TV, while Panasonic something proprietary.

In short, do you have any advice on a good 58 "? Or do I avoid it and stay on a 55"?

P.s. Maximum cost 1000 euros and I would like it to also support HDMI 2.1, perhaps at 120Hz, since I will mainly connect an Xbox Series S (NOT X) to it.
Furthermore, most of the time will be used to watch "normal" TV, therefore digital terrestrial, a bit of Netflix, Disney + and Amazon video.

The distance at which I will be when I see the TV is about 3 meters.

Thanks again in advance!


You should aim for something a bit higher end than those if you have a EUR1000 budget. That means looking at 55" TVs instead of 58" as 58" models are all low-end TVs.
My guide here should be a good start:

You should aim as high as you can, pro HDR would be best.

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