Advice for 32" buy. Pana.32pk25 or Sony 32fx65 or???

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by chrbjo, Jan 20, 2002.

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    I´m finally going to get rid of my old TV and replace it with a 32".
    I have been looking at a few models:
    Panasonic TX-32PK25
    Sony KV-32FX65
    Philips 8707

    Which one is to prefer? Or could anyone recommend any other TV in approx. the same price range?

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    Jan 17, 2002
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    Do not, I repeat do not buy a Philips PW8707. I had one and the geometry is plain abysmal. It is extremely unstable and goes totally wacko if you input 60Hz signals. So much for its NTSC compatibility. The 32PW8707, like many other Philips sets, also has a tendency to produce a disturbing high pitched whine.

    As I've posted in a thread of its own, I upgraded to a 32PW9616 after the 32PW8707 and got a set with a completely different picture tube (!); different brand, different look. Not very good. The regular Philips tube, known as Cybertube, is respectably flat (not entirely) and trades some sharpness in for a most excellent uniformity.

    The tube I got in my TV is the Panasonic Quintrix F, which is one of the earliest flat tubes. Panasonic chose to squeeze a higher resolution out of it and as a result, they couldn't make it very flat, couldn't get high uniformity and couldn't quite carry good focus all the way to the corners. When and if it's in focus, the Panasonic tube is a bit sharper than the rest but when not, it looks like a projection TV. If you can live with that, you might like the Quintrix F.

    My opinion is that the Quintrix F is overhyped; it's really no better than other tubes, it just has different compromises. So having gotten their tube by chance, and experienced it for myself, I couldn't recommend the Panasonic either if you're looking for a flat screen where not just the glass is flat.

    As for Sony, given some of the posts here it seems they have some major quality problems with some of their sets.

    In other words, welcome to the TV selection nightmare. Expect anything but satisfaction, that is just a bonus if you're lucky.

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