Advice: Digital out (2 channels) vs 5.1 to External Inputs



I have a XI-FI linked to a Yamaha DSP processor (Digital 5.1, DTS Processor etc.. running a nice set of Mission Towers).

Would I be better using analog setup / "mini jacks to rca" inputs on the back of the Yamaha (setting Yamaha on bypass to use an external decoder as the XIFI card for processing Digital / DTS)

Or should I just stick to using the Digital out from the XIFI and having the Yamaha process Digital / DTS instead? I would of presumed the XIFI was more "hi-tec" and process the data better aswell as offering the dts-es and other enchanced features, with more tweakability?

Also with the Yahama purely as a amplifier I would get the full EAX features as well as the default 5.1 surround offered by the soundcard as opposed to the Digital I/O offering only 2.0 stereo out (no EAX or 5.1 pc surround/eax stuff)? :(

Confusing stuff hehe...



Just saw the information on those Meridian and XPlosion cards.... why oh why did I not see those before I purchased the XIFI lol!

Ach well I think i'll order one of those then, save a lot of hassle, notwithstanding DTS Connect / DDL looks well juciy?


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EAX in its latest version is only possible with the X-Fi chip which effectively means that you have to hook up your receiver with analog cables to your soundcard if you want EAX.
Also, the Auzentech cards are overrated and overpriced and DDLive or DTS Connect are both features which are detrimental to the sound ('transcoding' being the keyword here plus another bunch of factors).

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