Advice: Archos AV700 / 704 & SKY+


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I am thinking of getting an Archos. This is mainly for my daughter. Her in-car DVD player has packed up and I thought I could kill three birds with one stone and replace it with one of these because a) my SKY+ is almost full and it is mostly her stuff and b) we also do a long haul flight annually. My requirements are:

1) 7" screen - for in-car viewing
2) Be able to record from SKY+
3) Easily be able to watch recordings back on my TV (for when her stuff is not on the SKY+ box anymore).

The AV700 seems the best buy (from Pixmania). But cannot find a review where SKY+ is mentioned. I have also looked at the 704 but I cannot see a reason for the extra expenditure (especially as this appears to require a DVR station where the AV700 doesn't ). The AV700 also has a headrest holder too. The only thing the DVR station seems to have over the built in DVR of the AV700 is the remote control. Is this correct?

Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't get the AV700 and should pay the extra for the 704?

Thanks guys! :thumbsup:


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The AV700 seems the best buy (from Pixmania).

Thanks guys! :thumbsup:[/QUOTE]

I've read lots of bad things about Pixmania customer service or lack of it.

Personally wouldn't touch them


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supermac said:
I've read lots of bad things about Pixmania customer service or lack of it.

Personally wouldn't touch them

I have read these reports too. However, I have used them a couple of times with no problems (albeit, I didn't have to contact them for post-sale support) and I have recently moved to Belgium so options are very limited when it comes to getting pretty much anything at a reasonable price.

Anyone got any experience of these machines that they can share?

John Simon

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I have an AV700 that has been superb, can't comment on sky+ though, I did copy an old video from vcr & it was fine.

Pixmania are a different story, all bad from me i'm afraid. They may be ok if you never have a problem, but if you do prepare to wait and get very frustrated.


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Do you get the TV Pod with the AV700? Even the Archos website is unclear about this.

As I said, unfortunately there are very limited choices for bargains over here and Pixmania is considerably cheaper than anywhere.


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The AV700 does come with a remote. I have also read that it is quite simple to record from SKY+ using the tv docking pod as the signal just passes through the pod. Simply connect the cable going from your sky+ box into the pod and then the cable to your tv as normal

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