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Advice appreciated re first set up...(£1500 budget)

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by gloyns, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. gloyns

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    Sep 19, 2005
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    Brighton, East Sussex
    hi guys and gals,

    i'll try to make this short for easy reading, i know a thousand of these sorts of threads pop up all the time, but i have read through
    the forums for some time and hope this is a semi-educated post by a self-confessed newbie...

    i am...

    - a (mature...uhum (23)) student who has a little bit of money to spend on this project
    - not an audiophile, but appreciate good quality products and results

    i have..

    - a small 1-bed flat with a lounge (sofa faces opposite wall)
    - a budget of £1500-£1750
    - a decent pc in the lounge and an 802.11g network

    my requirements

    an entertainment centre, which will provide me with
    an 'entry level' (by your standards!) movie experience
    with surround sound and a decent picture. i would like to
    be able to play mp3 and divx files stored on pc on the tv and will also be
    using the tv to watch every day freeview television and play
    ps2 (prob ps3 next year).

    i have read about hd video, and this is also something that i would
    like the setup able to display in the future. i would like to, for
    the meantime, stream hd files from my pc to the tv. i understand
    these are available in .ts format aswell as .avi...?

    my current plans, which i would really appreciate comments on..

    tv - samsung le32r41bd - £840
    dvd/amp/speakers - denon dht-500sd - around £375
    media centre - pinnacle showcentre - £150

    This comes within my price range at £1365, however i have some concerns.

    - Is this going to be 'future proof' for a few years? (relating to high definition unknowns)
    - If i have to get a blu-ray player (reading about the 'format wars'), will that mean scrapping all of the denon 500sd?
    - My budget is small, but would i get better results buying cheap seperates
    (ie, from richer sounds...£99 amp, £79 speakers, samsung 950 dvd player?)
    - I love the aesthetics of the denon as it would go with my lounge, but by saying that i
    feel like a woman who buys a car just because it is pink and pretty ;)
    - i didnt think .ts files held any video? can the showcentre play a group of files
    if all the .ts files are in the same folder?

    many thanks in advanced for any comments, concerns or questions back

    ...im a real novice but trying to understand it and chose the right parts (as its
    a big expense for me)

    im an IT technician, so not stupid to technology...just not that bright on audio-visual :suicide:

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