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firstly hello, as this is my first post and boy is it going to be along one I will apologise and say thanks in advance.
I am trying to make an upgrade from a micro hifi to an acceptable separates system for cd,vinyl and alexia echo dot connected via an aux connection, but on a tight budget(new baby) fortunately working at a scrap yard I have managed to get together a few bits which I need help with. I will list each question individually. My speakers which I know work are Sony SS-XB6AV units, they are 8ohm and believe 150w

1) Kenwood separates system
This came to me as a complete set up but I only want to use the A-45 amp, P-26 turntable and DP-950 cd player discarding the cassette player and graphic equaliser and tuner
I have wired the cd player and turntable to the amp using RCA phono cables but only get sound from the cd player when the amp is on CD Direct mode which I am led to believe bypasses some internal pathways in the amp.
If I can only get sound from cd direct does this mean that the amp has a fritzed circuit and is no good?
I have a sony F270 integrated amplifier on its way which was a spur of the moment ebay purchase to replace the kenwood A-45 anyway and as a bonus it is more powerful at 60w per channel

2) AVI S2000 power amp
AVI S2000 Stereo Power Amplifier - Photo777603
I had this given me from a shop clearance today it has no remote but does light up when connected to power. I knowI would need a pre amp to connect cd player/turntable/alexia echo dot
would I be able to use the Sony f270 integrated amp to connect every thing to then use this power amp to boost the power to my speakers? If so then
having no buttons on the front am I also correct in assuming I will need source a remote control or can I simply use the Sony unit to control everything.
Would I connect this unit to the section of the amp that would go to the graphic equaliser?
this amp is rated at 250w and my speakers at 150w so would this just be a really bad idea?

I also have an onkyo tx-sr875 av receiver. This is just the unit its self and has no remote or set up speaker mic.
the unit has 3 damaged out put terminals which are slightly bent and makes a very fast continuous clicking noise when turned on the quickly shuts off, the clicking will stay on
I really dont think the noise is healthy. I dont want to waste money trying to source the missing bits if its beyond repair. do you guys think the noise and switching its self off is just because ive got nothing other than the power lead connected or is it a safe mode to stop its self blowing me into oblivion?
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