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Advice and suggestions on PC sale


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Hi there,

Over the past couple of years i have built up a computer that i have throughly enjoyed and spent a fair amount of money on. However, recently have felt that my interests have changed slightly with money and time going elsewhere. Whereas 6-12 months ago i would play on my PC regularly, playing high end games such as Crysis, Flight Simulator X, World in Conflict etc. I now find myself playing these on a very occasional basis, the last being a good couple of month ago. Instead, i now tend to play my PS3 everyday and am enjoying me new car. So the question that i am asking myself is what to do about my PC?

My setup is as follows:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
Nvidia Geforce 8800gtx
Nvidia nforce 680i
Corsair 2GB DDR2 PC6400
Western Digital Raptor 150GB
Seagate Barracuda 320GB
Thermaltake toughpower 750W PSU
Asus MW221U 22" monitor
Creative P5800 5.1 Surround Sound speakers
Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 Case
XP Pro SP2

Not just any old components, all bought for around £1800 roughly. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the system but dont seem to be getting the most out of it anymore as i dont play many games on it too often. However, things like the monitor and speakers are things that i still really enjoy having. Nowadays i mainly use my computer for storing and listening a lot music on, watching some films and using bbc iplayer, browsing the net and doing some work on. So as you can see, not really making much use out of some of the components.

I crave the latest and greatest gadgets and technology, faster speeds, having things which perform well. However, as ive grown a bit older my interests turn to other areas and have realised a few things in life. My interest in my PC (well gaming and keeping upto date) seems to have fallen and i now ask myself is it worth keeping it, selling it, toning it down a bit? Its not something that i am hell bent on deciding what to do within the next week sort of thing, but something that i have been mulling over awhile. I dont want to spend anymore on it, but am thinking about selling some parts and replacing them with cheaper but still reasonably capable parts?

What would you do? Would you sell anything and replace them with lower parts and get some money back, is it worth it? How much would i get for parts or the whole system roughly?

Im sure some of you will be thinking that i am mad, i can see your point, it is a fair one, it is just one of many ideas that i think about, however this one is something i was interested in other peoples opinions about.



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From looking at that spec, I'd say it's not really worth just replacing a couple of those parts with slightly slower ones. Personally, I'd go for selling the whole rig and putting together a slower/cheaper one.

Unfortunately (for you), prices of hardware - especially second hand - are dropping all the time. Systems like yours tend to be selling at about £600/650 (though it has a new retail value of about £1,000 all in) on various forums/local computer fairs/ad rags. Considering you still want it to be 'capable', you'd be looking at spending around that again - and you'd have a slower PC.

This is only my opinion, and what I've seen/experienced, mind. Hope it helps you. :)


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As previously stated the bits may have cost you £1800 over time to put together but as with all things PC 6-12 months later what was High Spec is now entry level!

If it were me I would just keep the rig and save yourself the hassel of having to sell and then find a replacement system for a modest cash return.

If you do decide to buy yourself another system have a look at the Dell vostro (entry level business pc's) or a base unit from HP (lots of them have cashback deals at the moment)


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As Makaio said, I can't see it selling for anything over about £700-800 for the base unit, you could get a brand new one for about £900.

You could consider building an ultra-low power usage and noise emission computer with the money you get from the sale of your gaming machine if you're still interested in building a PC.

With a GTX and Cosmos case I guess you've got a pretty quiet system so noise isn't a reason for changing, and with the transportation of new parts to you and the transportation away of your current PC I'm not sure a low power PC would be any more environmentally friendly than your current one.


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Thanks for everyones advice. I will probably stick with it. I dont think i could part with it anyway and no doubt id regret it big time if i did.

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