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Hi everyone,

I’ve just become the proud owner of a new 55” lcd. I’m wanting to wall mount it in my living room on a stud wall.

The tv weighs 29kg and I really want a professional to come in and fit it. Looking at the stud locations it’ll ideally require cutting out some plasterboard and fitting a plywood board across the studs to provide a platform for the wall mount, otherwise the tv will be off centre and that won’t look any good.

Is this something an installer would be able to do? If so what’s the costing of this sort of job, and does anyone have any recommendations for the Preston area?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice/recommendations!


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You could maybe screw the plywood to the studs on top of the existing Plaster board if it would be hidden by the TV? No plasterer required.

Joe Fernand

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'Is this something an installer would be able to do?' - pretty much a standard install, our guys will usually cut the plasterboard, install/affix the support, install the cables (conduit) and then replace the plasterboard and make good.

If you have the AV capabilities you can brief/supervise a local builder as this is mostly a mechanical installation.

Ensure you follow local regs. re power cables and being able to isolate the TV.



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Peter, Joe thank you both for your answers and advice I really appreciate it. Maybe not such a difficult job then for the right people, now to find them!

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