Advice and Options for Hiding Speakers in Living Room


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Hi all,

I am in the process of planning a living room install and here are some of the key elements of what I'd like to achieve:
I am familiar with having speakers behind an acoustically transparent projector screen and can imagine doing similar for this project by covering the speakers (on the face of the false wall) with fabric, either large panels that are made to look aesthetically pleasing or perhaps have some artwork printed onto AT fabric similar to an Artcoustic speaker cover. The benefit of using fabric over a larger area is that I could then disguise the height speakers and the mains.

Here are the questions I have for the esteemed AVF membership:
  • Does anyone have experience of creating this type of family room . living room space? If so, can you share any tips on what you learned during its creation or what you'd do differently?
  • Has anyone seen this done well elsewhere? if so, can you please share some photos / links as I have struggled to find anything myself
  • I would also like to hide the surround and rear height channels ideally but have no idea of how to do this. Any suggestions would be welcomed


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If you cannot install in-wall speakers, then it seems many do also create a false wall which should allow you to install in-wall speakers

If you are looking for a desecrate speakers, then the Kef T-Series (which are also available in white - they're very shallow to) could be one that you should have on your radar, but if they're not ideally what you are looking for, we have many variants available for on-wall

As for hiding the rear surrounds without a false wall, that will be very difficult and it seems to me that you are wanting in-wall/in-ceiling without having to cut into the walls/ceilings which I feel will be almost impossible. As I've mentioned the T-Series are one speaker which look neat whilst being very shallow, but even these depending upon your decor will still stand out and as for Atmos, some people do use them on the ceiling to, but I'm 100% sure this isn't what you are looking for


As you already have Dali, sticking with Dali would probably be the best tonal match.

I would consider using your oberons for rears and buy 3x Opticon LCR.

As you're aware the Oberon on walls can't be bought singly so you'd end up paying for an extra speaker you'll most likely never going to use.

The fabric grilles on the opticons are actually quite nice imo.


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I did a small scale version of the front speakers hidden behind AT fabric, you can see my thread about it here but the final version is below (excuse the unfinished wall). I mounted in wall speakers on a wooden frame screwed to the wall and then covered it in fabric.



One of my initial plans was to cover the full wall in fabric with a cutout for the TV, which a friend mocked up for me which is below.



In walls get you most space you can even get some that you plaster over so completely invisible.

I also moved all the kit out of the room and under the stairs. We'll apart from tv and pj


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Thanks for the replies.

I am open to using in-wall speakers. I think the 1st thing that I need to decide on is whether I will go for very large fabric panels / wall sections (like the mock-up @calvind123 shared) or discrete speaker grilles.

I'll certainly consider the Opticon's @password1

I am also open to hearing / seeing alternatives for hiding speakers for a discrete surround system. Please share if you have ideas or experience.

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