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    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for some advice for an amp for my B&W CM9 s2 (stereo).
    Currently i am using the CM9 with an Anthem MRX310 where i am plugging my Bluesound Node 2 for music, Optical cable from TV (where i got the PS4 plugged), and the Apple TV.
    For some reason when i am listening to music, i do not like the DAC on the MRX too much no matter what profile i am using so for music i am relaying on the DAC on the Bluesound instead.

    I would like to know how would you think the above setup (Anthem MRX310 + Bluesound) will stand against either :

    Option 1:
    Rotel RA-1570 (price 1599 euro) - 120W/ch

    Option 2:
    Rotel RB-1552 MKII (969 euro) - 130W/ch
    Rotel RDD-1580 (750 euro)

    Option 3:
    NAD C388 (1749 euro) - 150w/ch

    The plan is to still use the Anthem to plug the apple TV and whatever other HDMIs the future will bring in my house but i would like use a more dedicated amplifier and DAC.

    Let me know what you think and which option you would pick.

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