Advice about the Hitachi DZ-BD70


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I am more used to the TV and dvd side of this forum, but I now need a new Camcorder and know not to much about them.

Has anybody come up against this one, to an un-known it looks quite good I think?

Currys sell it for £380. (I don't know if this is good or bad) I have had loads of Hitatchi products over the years and they have served me well.

Is there any reason not to buy this camcorder, and if so, any suggestions for a good one at around £400.

I will only be using it for family type stuff ;-)



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What were you thinking of playing the blu-ray discs back on? PS3 won't work as it is a small format disc, so do you have a normal blu-ray DVD player to take the advantage of direct to disc recording?

If it is normal family stuff and that is your price bracket I probably would rather go for a Panasonic SD5 at only £350 on Amazon at the moment...


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Thansk JP...

I was thinking of the PS3, but also on the pc directly stored on the HDD.

I will lookhave a look at that one you mention, looks a bit more logical, bluray just sounded cool and I love the films you can get. Thought home video would be great too



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