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Jan 5, 2002
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Hi everyone,
Iv'e been checking out a few projectors over the last 6 months to see if they are catching up with CRT, esp in the sold picture department i.e no pixel visability.

I've looked at a few LCDs with SVGA res 800 x 600 and the pixels were always visable which is a big no no for me. I have checked out then Selco 200dm DLP and I thought it was very good with regards to pixel visability although you could still make them out if you looked for them.

Any way my question is, after quoting a section from the 'DLP vs LCD' acticle from -

"Three developments have served to close the gap between DLP and LCD in the area of pixel visibility. First was the step up to XGA resolution (1,024x768). This higher resolution uses 64% more pixels to paint the image on the screen, as compared to an SVGA-resolution projector. The inter-pixel gaps are reduced in XGA resolution, so pixels are more dense and less visible. In XGA resolution, DLP projectors have an invisible pixel grid on any typical home theater screen no matter how big. LCD projectors with standard XGA panels still have a visible, but much reduced screendoor effect."

Is it true that in XGA Resolution (1024 x 768 - I think) DLP projectors have an invisable pixel grid on any typical home theater screen no matter how big?

I have not seen DLP at XGA so may be any Seleco 300, sharp 9000 DLP owners could comment.

I would love to increase may screen size to say 9 or 10 foot esp now DLPs are pushing highr ANSI eg the new Sharp MX20 1900 ANSI.

Any help would be most welcome!


Hi Paul,I have a sharp 9000,no point on commenting on the, technical side of the PJ as you know most of that already, recently, i was at a `small` event ,where we demo`d Hi Def TV, and Digital VHS, as well as `normal` DVD ,we compared all the formats, and ran them side by side,through my sharp and a 9` CRT, i think it is fair to say, most of the guys where `blown` away by the picture quality achieved by the sharp(ok. the blacks where still not `quite` as black as the CRT, but Jeez it`s getting close) the picture is mega smooth, and really, screen door(pixel)free ,unless you sit 4` away(and i view it on a 7 1/2` `temporary screen), I would say it was not quite as good in picture depth but not so much as you notice it, on it`s own,The colours ,clarity,and detail are awesome (and i watch it with the `sharpness control` turned right down ).Before i bought the sharp ( i really wanted a CRT but don`t have the space)i viewed plenty other LCD and DLP machines, and at the time, thought the sharp was the best by miles,i almost bought the sim 200DM, but after a extended viewing spell was not impressed by the artifacts ,and the machines scaler/de interlacer(every now and again in an action sequence the picture seemed to break up !!) I have heard the 300 DM is a really good machine, and have been told the colours are `slightly`more natural then the sharp`s,but i could not get one at the time, and the price difference ( i imported my sharp) was almost double for the Sim :eek: no contest, I am really, really, happy with the sharp, and would buy it again,and the two settings for bulb brightness help in `poor` light conditions,hope this is of help to you :)
The Sim2 HT-300 is very good in this respect.

Mirror/pixel structure is visible close-up, but is not noticeable at normal viewing distances. I have an 80" wide screen and view from about 9 feet i.e. less than 1.5 times screen width. From this distance mirror structure is almost undetectable.

Colours and black levels are excellent.
The size of screen is irrelevant to whether you can see the pitch between each pixel.

What's important is how far away from the screen you are. DLP's of a given resolution, SVGA/XGA etc appear to have a narrower pitch between pixels in comparison to LCD's. That's not to say that the pixels are obvious in XGA LCD' I said it depends on how close you want to sit to the screen.

The best fixed pixel display for getting rid of pixel structure is actually D'ila/Lcos which has a very high fill factor, 1365 x 1024 resolution minimum as well. Just they have some!


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