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    I’m currently considering purchasing a DVD/HDD recorder and am looking for some guidance. I’ve more or less set my heart on a Sony RHX900.

    6 months ago I purchased 2 Sony videos (replacing 2 Sony videos which were over 5 years old) but am extremely disappointed by their quality (the 5 year old machines were better but that’s hindsight for you).

    Anyway currently there is one video in the living room and another in the bedroom. When both videos are used, this is usually to enable us to watch a video while taping something else, or alternatively, just to time shift (maybe start watching something at 9 although it actually started at 8).

    Very rarely will we tape 2 different programs simultaneously, but it has happened.

    As far as I’m aware, a DVD recorder will handle most of the above, EXCEPT taping 2 programmes simultaneously because they all have one tuner. Is this correct? Any recorders have twin tuners? Can any machines simultaneously record from one source, a terrestrial channel and another from an external source-say sky?

    Also I’m pretty sure but just to check. My current DVD player is currently plugged into a reversed scart splitter-allowing viewing on my main TV via scart and on my mothers portable in another room via a rf modulator + aerial cable. Presumably a recorder, which would replace the current DVD player, will work with this configuration?


    Sorry forgot to mention-I have a + RW drive in my PC and would prefer compatibility between the devices-well at least the ability to play + r/+ rw discs created and finalised on my PC.

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