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Oct 14, 2003
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We are pleased to announce that SweetSpot now supports recording to disc!

We have updated the WDM driver so that all of the inputs are now accessible and can be used by any WDM compliant software.

This means that for the first time it is possible to record high quality sources (e.g. RGB and Component) in addition to the usual SVideo and composite. This is useful for archiving LaserDisc or VHS recordings for example, or for just recording the output of set top boxes for later viewing.

We are giving a copy of ShowShifter (www.showshifter.com) free with every SweetSpot purchased before March 1st 2004.

You can order at http://www.pluggedin.tv/sweetspot/buynow/index.html

We have chosen ShowShifter as that offers the best ease of use of all of the recording packages we have used, though of course if you have a favourite applications (e.g. VirtualVCR) then it will work.

Finally - it is now possible with the new driver to use the standard Dscaler 4.1.8 build, by accessing SweetSpot in DShow mode.

If you are an existing user you will be sent the WDM driver in the next couple of days, also you can purchase ShowShifter from us at a discounted price.

Not sure if this is supposed to be a "no reply" post but what the hell...

Does this mean my LONG and FRUSTRATING search for a solution to capturing from a standard Pace Sky Digital box into my PC with high quality is finally solved?

I don't want a Sky+ just yet (can you say: buggy ;) ). Just want to capture from the RGB output of Digibox into PC for ad editing, menu addition, and burn to DVD - for which I have all the software ready to go.

Is this upgraded Sweetspot product going to enable me to do this?


Yep, it most certainly will.
It's not an "upgraded SweetSpot" by the way - it's a new driver.
What software are you using?
Excellent .. and ShowShifter works out of the box with my ATI Remote, unlike some other HTPC front-ends I've tried .. and you've also managed to provide a generalised solution to working with D-Scaler so we're not tied to the special 4.1.7p version.

Nice one David. :smashin:
If you mean what software to edit and burn, I generally use TMPG to chop and join, and Ulead MF2 to add menus and author.

If you meant what OS (you can tell I'm a newbie, eh?:blush: ) then I'm on XP Home.

If you meant something else then I apologise and will go and stand in the corner until my brain wakes up!

Let me know (but be understanding and use words with maximum of three syllables :D )

Ah - I thought you meant you already used capture software - I was just interested to see which one you used and if you were happy with it.
As David mantioned, ShowShifter can do this and is free to anyone buying SweetSpot before March 1st.

If anyone wants to buy after then, there are many free capture applications (everyone seems to have their own favourite) which will give you the files you need for TMPG.

Sorry but what does "access in Dshow" mean with regard to Dscaler. :blush:


Hi Steve
It means that you can access the SweetSpot card through the DShow interface in Dscaler, therefore you no longer need to use the previous special builds of Dscaler. The immediate benefit is that by choosing SweetSpot through the Dshow interface in Dscaler 4.1.8 you can now access Dscaler's experimental recording support.
Does this mean the "Sweetspot" entry in DScaler's input device menu disappears?
Oh OK, thanks David. Can I download the new driver from your site or do I need to wait to be sent a copy?


Hi Madders
The driver will be available to download from our website very soon.
We're hoping today (Saturday 14th Feb) but if not it should be tomorrow.
I'll post here when it's up and we'll do a brief mailing to our database too.
Originally posted by KraGorn
Does this mean the "Sweetspot" entry in DScaler's input device menu disappears?
Hi Kragorn
It now appears in a different place.
If you use 4.1.7p that comes on the SweetSpot disc (or 4.1.9 when it's released) you'll be given both options.

I have purchased the sweetspot and xcard in the last 3 weeks does that mean I will get the free showshifter .

Hi Sneaky
You should have received an email outlining that as an existing user you get a discount on ShowShifter. The offer above of the free copy is a special offer until the end of February for new customers. As I am sure you can appreciate ShowShifter is a third party product so we have to pay for it like everyone else!!

Of course you will be able to download the updated SweetSpot driver free from our web site which will allow you to use any WDM compatible recording software, including some freeware.

hope this helps
Hi everyone.
The new WDM driver is now available for download from here

There's also a list of a few recording applications that we've tested in our newly updated faq here

For the moment we don't recommend using the Dshow mode of DScaler for normal realtime play with SweetSpot until we have done some further testing, although you are welcome to play if you like.

For anyone reading from outside Europe, this new driver is also compatible with PDI Deluxe.

Have fun!
Nice improvements with the picture on dscaler 4.17 (reduced the colour banding on my Panny 6 plasma although picture now looks slightly "softer"). Can I use dscaler 4.18 in "normal" mode - i.e. not dshow mode?


Hi Toekiller
It depends what you mean - the captured (in this case recorded) image will usually be Mpeg2/4 DivX or AVI. These can be viewed over the network - many people here have ripped their DVDs to a network server for example.

However if you mean "can a live broadcast be streamed over the network" then this is more tricky.

Any software that supports the WDM driver should be compatible so there might be a solution out there somewhere. For example these guys http://www.videolan.org seem to offer WDM support. Realnetworks also seem to have a solution http://www.real.com

Hope that helps
Originally posted by Madders
I use dscaler 4.18 in "normal" mode - i.e. not dshow mode?
Hi Madders
The code for SweetSpot isn't in 418, however 419 when it's released will have full support.
For the moment we recommend keeping with 4.1.7p3 from the pluggedin.tv website.

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