advent keyboard problems


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hi all

i hav just bought myself a advent dhe1000 for the tidy sum of £450 from pc world

it came with a keyboard and mouse in one but im having trouble connecting it to the media centre

can anyone help with this i expected the keyboard to have a wireless dongle type thing but hasnt am i missing it because it doesnt show it in the instruction nor does it tell you how to use it

please help as the remote works just not the keyboard and i cant get passed the first screen!



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Don't have any specific knowledge of the Advent you are talking about, but normally with wireless keyboards you have to "connect" them to the pc.

This is usually achieved by pressing a connect button on the pc for a couple of secs then doing the same on the keyboard. The two devices then start talking to each other.

So have a look behind any flaps, or on the back of the Pc for a little button marked connect/RF, on the keyboard there is usually a button on the back.

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