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Hi all, I've just bought an Advent DT1404, and am very pleased with it - with the exception of one relatively minor thing. My speakers only seem to work when plugged into the jack sockets on the front of the machine, but I would like to have them plugged into the sockets at the back. I dont like the look or the practicability of having them poking out of the front of the machine - if nothing else, I keep tripping on the lead and jerking the plug.

On my previous computer they were plugged into the back panel of the machine, much better!

Has anyone got any suggestions, please? (Apart from 'stop being so blooming fussy'....)



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I just bought the same pc. I don't have any problems with the speaker out sockets on the back. Check that you plugged the lead into the right socket (there are 3, one of which is a mic socket, one I don't know and the middle one is the speaker socket, which I used).

Failing that, there may be a problem with the connection and you'll need to take the pc back under warranty.


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Hi, Many thanks for the reply. I tried all the rear sockets, and even bought new speakers, but no good. It's looking like it may be a fault then.
Thanks again.

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