Advantages of same make All-in-one as TV?


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I'm looking for a new TV and surround sound system. I'm going round in circles on the TV between Sony, LG and Panasonic, possibly waiting to see if/when Philips do the 37" 8404 in the UK.

Part of my dilemma is matching it to an All In One surround sound system. Yes I know I could get better absolute audio performance from separates but I've decided on AIO.

The question is are there any benefits (apart from cosmetic) in using the same brand for both? I've seen adverts about the Panasonic 'Viera Link' system - I assume this means that I can control more than one box from the same remote. Does it do anything more than that? Do all makes have their equivalent?

Apologies of this is a common question - I did have a quick search but couldn't find an answer - happy to be pointed at an old thread if there is one.


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ive got a sammy tv and h/t and benifits is i can change the volume of h/t using sky remote through the t,v and also when i turn off the t,v the h/t turns off aswell.


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Sony use their 'Bravia sync' system, which once connected up to a Bravia tv lets you control the volume from the all in one units remote control.


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bravia sync/viera link/simplink/anynet, all manufacturer specific names for what are all basically "hdmi control", a pretty limited "extra" when same brands are connected.
it may be that a far better piece of kit is out there, thats not the same brand, and buying a universal remote like a harmony, will do a lot more than hdmi contol could ever could.
while hdmi control might allow you to switch kit on/off together, a uni remote can stage switch on, operate multiple items, switch on backlighting, open trays, change channels/volume/teletext, operate a surround system, hi-fi and other items too.
they can even be programmed for certain activities.

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