adsl modem keeps disconnecting (help please)


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hi fellas

my adsl modem keeps disconnecting itself every couple of hours and it is driving me insane it ia a zoom adsl usb modem .
i have an hewlett packard imedia 1324.
now i have settimgs to never hang up and my service provider (nildam) has always been 100% efficient so is it :

1. i need a new modem (preferably wireless )
2. i am doing something wrong

carl:lease: :lease: :lease: :lease:


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Had this once before with a rubbish Alcatel one that my ISP gave me.

Turned out to be a faulty Modem.

Best off just dumping the USB modem and picking up a DSL modem and router combo


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hi m8

the free supplied modem packed up (zxyell 630 so i replaced it 10 months ago with a zoom zdsl usb modem but it has started disconnecting itself every couple of hours resultinging in me having to restart the pc to get a connection :mad: :mad:
now i do abit of news sharing if u know what i mean:cool:
and need a constant connection .
(it just did it there in between words :mad: good job i told it to try dialing 15 times )
any help very appreciated


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Hi. It would seem unlikely to me that the modem is faulty considering you do get a stable connection for a period of time. I guess I have to ask some obvious questions....

1. Have you upgraded your modem drivers or modem firmware recently?
2. Have you or family member plugged a phone into a spare socket in the house recently?
3. Have you recently had Sky installed or perhaps just re-connected Sky to the telephone network?

I had a similar problem some time ago and traced it to my Sky box being connected to a telephone extension cable that was hard wired into the telephone junction box.... odd but there you have it. I had never thought to put a filter on the end of the extension. I was getting Service up and down messages from time to time and re-training messages in my router log. Adding a filter soon sorted the problem :thumbsup:

It just sounds like to me that something has changed in your setup recently causing this to happen.



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Did you ever solve your problem ? Just interested to hear.


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I used a Zoom ADSL modem until it went faulty. I switched it for a Netgear modem/router - and that kept dropping the connection. I tried tech support - useless. I even swapped it for another at PCW - had the same problem.

Now using a Lynksys wireless router/modem - and it is perfect.

Not all things are equal!


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