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ADSL MAX question.....


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Hope you can shed some light on this for me :thumbsup:

I have been with BT Broadband for well over a year, on a 2mb connection, everything was hunky dory :) Average download speeds were 198 kbps which was fine for me :)

2 months ago I upgraded to the 8mb ADSL MAX package which the engineer assured me would DOUBLE my download speeds so I went for it.............

WHAT A MISTAKE :thumbsdow

Now my average download speed is never more than 90kbps and that is on a good day:eek: :eek:

I have been on the phone with them and on there new speed test site I am clocking 446 kbps apparantly but on sites like adslguide.org I am rarely more than 0.6mb?

After a final rant with them yesterday they have escalated the complaint but can anyone shed any light on it for me?

For the first couple of weeks it was lightning fast and now I may as well be on ISDN!

Cheers and sorry for the rant :thumbsup:




I had the same problem,what i did,this was after dealing with bt to begin with,

I got my connections checked out by a computer engineer,he said all was ok my end,

He told me to say to bt,that i am aware of a problem with there max flow

product at certain exchanges,well,i made the call....,

,They said there might be:rolleyes:

Anyway,sorry to bore you:) ,Try this route,because the next day my

connection speed was ok:thumbsup:


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Call BT and ask them to manually reset your BRAS profile.

ADSL MAX is rate adaptive, the speeds vary as the network load changes. For instance I usually get around 850kb/s steady, but when the network load is real heavy, I can just about reach 300kb/s.

Every few hours run a speed test @ this site write down the time & results. Then when on the phone to BT, you have some figures.

If it is bothering you that much, ask to be downgraded back to 2mb line, which will ensure a constant steady speed - I used to max out @ 235kb/s when I was on 2mb.


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I dont want to downgrade really, I just want the service I am paying for :(

I'll give them another ring now

If anyone has anymore info, please post :)



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Are you sure your modem or router can handle more than 2mb?

I had this problem when I upgraded from 1mb to 2mb using a drayteck 2200USB. It was fine for 1mb but going to 2 made it very unpredictable. Ended up getting new router and all is well.


Try disconnecting all other phones, Sky boxes, fax machines, from your phone line. You could have a bad quality or faulty ADSL filter, which can have bad effects on your ADSL speed, because it screws up the noise threshold on the line. Since ADSL works by pumping up the speed whilst maintaining a 6dB threshold, ADSL filters become much more important than they do at lower speeds.


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I have a nearly new Netgear DG834GT which is apparantly perfect for 8mb.

I have had the actual box in my hall changed by the engineer to an ADSL/Phone connection box, it is the SOLE ADSL output in the whole house, according to the enginee ranyway.


gilford said:
I have a nearly new Netgear DG834GT which is apparantly perfect for 8mb.

I have had the actual box in my hall changed by the engineer to an ADSL/Phone connection box, it is the SOLE ADSL output in the whole house, according to the enginee ranyway.

Those are usually quite good quality, but it wouldn't hurt to disconnect phones etc.


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Heh, welcome to the fun world of ADSLMax! :rolleyes:

I'm on first name terms with the BTOpenreach engineers in our area now...we've clocked up 4 engineer visits in about 2 months.

My story is similar to yours I guess. We had a nice happy 1Mb connection, and after the upgrade, we've had a number of issues, including line drops during phonecalls, and as you've found, ridiculously low speeds at times. In fact, we set the record...140kpbs! The crazy part though was that since we were on Max Premium, our upstream rate was 700kb at the time!

Anyway, here's what I've learned so far...

If you have a line fault, you'll be in for a world of hurt with Max. It appears that our problems were due to 2 bad joints between us and the exchange, AND an earth fault, producing intermittant faults . Fixed rate ADSL is far more forgiving of this sort of thing, but with Max, after a period of time your BRAS profile will drop the speed down and down. The problem is that BRAS rates drop like a stone when the line goes bad, but take days to recover again (allegedly 3ish). There are also countless cases of profiles getting "stuck", and also updates being slow to get to your ISP from BT.

BT have apparently woken up to these problems, and adjusted the BRAS logic, so if you get a very occasional glitch on an otherwise perfect line, the speed won't drop unless it does it again within a period of time. HOWEVER, this will be of no help to you whatsoever if your line has regular gremlins - your BRAS will forever be stuck. If the line is dropping, you need BT to fix it.

Firstly, check all your hardware. I replaced the router, microfilters, upgraded the internal phone extension to RJ11, and also had a 15m CAT5 network cable on hand to run the router in the hall in the master socket using a bog standard 1m RJ11. BT engineers will ALWAYS blame your hardware first, in particular the microfilter. Like you, I had an engineer replace the standard faceplate with an ADSL one, and also have a "pro" grade microfilter that I can plug into the test socket. (for those that don't know, the bottom half newer faceplates can be unscrewed an pulled off to reveal a test socket inside - using this isolates all your house extensions, so BT can't blame anything else at your side of the box). I was in the position that whenever the BT engineer sounded like he was about throw the blame at my kit, I could say "pick a router, RJ11 cable, microfilter and phone handset - I've got several of each!" Our first 2 engineers ran test signals, said the line was rated at 2Mb, had no noise, and couldn't see what the problem was. The remote line tests from BT diagnostic guys also said it was clean as a whistle. The third engineer went up the road, looked in the junction box, and our wire came away in his hand when he tested the join...Bingo! Two weeks later, line dropping for hours on end, BT diagnostics again say "no problem - check customer equipment" We again say "I DON'T THINK SO - GET AN ENGINEER". Again, engineer takes a look at 15m RJ11, says this might be a little long. I plug router into master socket, play with with the phone and show that we can kill the line stone dead by lifting the handset. BT engineer goes quiet, then says "I'll go and check the joins again". Sure enough, he finds that water had got into another box further along, and corroded our wire.

So basically, you've got to be persistent, and show the BT guys that you're not a muppet. Their line tests, both remote, and at your house, do not pick up all faults, but if they say it's clear, you have a devil of a job to get them to do anything more. It also helped enormously that our router shows line uptime, noise levels etc, Our ISP has continuous line monitoring graphs, and a full log including the BRAS changes. In other words, I can see exactly when and for how long the line goes down, and what's happening with the BRAS logic.

Oh one last thing - the speed the modem connects at does not seem to determine the your actual line speeds, the BRAS profile does. For example, after a particularly bad session of line drops, the line recovered and the modem was connected at up to 3Mbit/s, but the BRAS capped it at 140kb/s.

Hope that helps

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