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Hi all first post so hope this is correct section.
I need to move my sky router and sky box from one side of the room to the other. I have tiled floors and skirting .
The only real viable option is, I run a adsl cable from the master phone socket outside and back in another wall? I am unsure if the elements sun /frost would effect the cable.
Or i could leave the router where it is and also run a ethernet cable outside and back in too.
Hopefully that makes sense.
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I'll suggest run an Ethernet cable and you can opt for external grade cable. Best advice is usually to run ethernet cables as a pair as you never know when you'll have the need and voila it's there saving you a lot of extra 5e would do the trick easily

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If the BT Master socket can be left in-situ then running an external Cat6 cable maybe a better option. I would use external grade cat 6 and terminate either end into its own socket. It is a fairly straight-forward task for a competent DIYer.


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To add - the cable is not "ethernet" cable - it can be used for many purposes, ethernet is just one such usage (originally it was made for phone systems.) The cable is called UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair.) As such, you can also run ADSL over it (with the right connectors.) Thusly, if you install some UTP, you have the option to try it either way - leave the router in situ and extend the reach of your ethernet, or move the router and extend the telephone circuit to reach it.

The thing to avoid is flat/ribbon cable that's often sold as "ADSL" cable or "telephone extension" cable. The "Twists" in UTP do a great deal to reject interference (it's used all over the place in telephone circuits) and flat/ribbon cable lacks the twists which makes them more susceptible to interference. I've extended ADSL more than 100m on cate5e UTP with no detrimental effect on "speed." (Though we are "only" talking about 8mbps circuits here, but one of my relations is around 400m from the telephone exchange which is copper cable all the way and I'd be willing to bet most of it is UTP and they get 20-24mbps on a good day.)

There is also a form of UTP called "copper clad aluminim" (CCA) which is not "proper" "catX" UTP and should be avoided (it's rubbish.) You sometimes see this being passed off on Amazon et al as "catX" equivalent" or "catX tested" or other BS. If it looks too cheap, it probably is CCA.

Here's a link to my favourite site on how to DIY UTP - it has lots of pictures of the pin outs and so forth: How to wire Ethernet Cables
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