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Adserver? Problems?

Gary D

Distinguished Member
Is anyone else having problems with the adserver? (adserver.adtech.de)

It takes ages (relatively speaking) to load pages on this forum.



Senior Moderator
No. Zipping along quite nicely on this awesome 14 Meg line :D

Gary D

Distinguished Member
i've sorted it now, badly configured internet connection my end :blush:

sorted it now - pages are now loading in a "blink" :)



Yesterday was bad, kept getting error loading script file messages, all OK today...

Adserver has slowed me down in the past, but I left it running. Today however it is very slow. Can there not be a message sent to adserver clients to lower their image size? It's getting very annoying, and I blocked it to see the difference in speed, which is now instant. I do not want to block it however, I want to follow forum rules.

Deleted member 27989

I know it is an old thread, but lately this is really playing up for me and causing just this forum to crawl to a halt at times.

Besides me overriding the IP lookup is there anything else that I can do?


Distinguished Member
I often have problems too and used to block ads because of it. Only with the recent polite request did I turn my ad locker off but it can still be a pain waiting for images to load. Problem is, for obvious reasons, the ads are loaded near the start of the page and it just holds everything up.

Deleted member 27989

for me it doesn't seem to be the actual loading of the images. comms with adserver.de just grind to a halt and taking down the rest of the page with it. I have no issue at all with any other site, well except from those using the same provider.

For it has worsened considerably in the last few months and last night it was just grinding to a halt.


Prominent Member
This is the only site that I have problems with , slow to load pages ( says waiting for adserver) , only been the last few weeks and noticable since I changed to a Mac.
Anything I can do , its getting painful keep waiting or pressing the refresh button ?

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