Adrift & Thank You For Smoking coming on DVD



Hi all!
Just giving a heads-up on 2 new DVDs due out soon because I really liked the films when I saw them in the cinema.
Adrift is a 'if it can go wrong it will' premise. Friends meet on a yacht to celebrate a birthday and when they all jump overboard for a swim, they forget to lower a ladder to climb back onto the high boat. To make things worse, one's young daughter is alone on the boat. Stuck in the water with safety just out of reach = serious tension = good drama/thriller! Check out a trailer here:

Next is Thank You For Smoking - one of the most intelligent flicks of 2006. Take one tabacco industry spin-doctor at the
top of his game and throw him in the deep end. He has to balance making even the worst news look good (even when he
knows it's wrong) with projecting a strong moral image for his son. Top cast + solid script + great acting = Excellent Film!!
Check it out here:

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