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Hi all,

I am using Adobe Premiere 6, but I am having a bit of a problem. I am capturing off of a Hi-8 camera via my GeForce 4 Ti4200 VIVO and saving the video as mpeg. The capturing is working fine, and it plays back through media player perfectly. However, when I place the footage on the Premier timeline and then play it back it is all slow and jerky. I just can't figure it out - I have tried all the different project settings (PAL, NTSC, Quicktime etc) but no luck.
Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas would be really appreciated.



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Sorry Lex, can't help directly on this one. Have you tried the Premiere forum(s)? I don't have a URL to hand but I'm sure you can search as well as I can.

A couple of ideas: Some kind of codec clash. Some esoteric Premiere setting. You might try nuking the Preferences file, often cures oddities whicha re resistant to normal measures ;-)


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Thanks for the reply DM. I will give the forums a try as you suggested. :)


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I think I have found the problem, but not the solution...

When I capture footage using my VIVO software the video is captured as MPEG, which Premiere doesn't seem to like. If I capture through Premiere it captures it as AVI, but the quality is very very poor. So I am stuck! Poor quality that works, or good quality tht doesn't! :rolleyes: :confused:

I guess it is just a problem of capturing analogue video. :(

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