adobe prem 5 compatability with my sony trv14



hi can any one help me i have just purchased off a friend cheap a version off adobe prem . it is version 5.0 , i now have it installed on my system . my dv capture device is a sony trv 14v , my problem is when i start a new project and import movie capture it will not show me video , and when i shut prog down it tells me capture device is not connected (checked with media movie and cam is working )and poss conflict with irq can any tell me if adobe 5 is compatable with what i use or do i need to upgrade as friend told me prem 5 is quite old any help on this matter would be greatfully appreciated because i use adobe encore dvd to authour my dvd and would like to use prem to compliment this . thanks dennis


I could be wrong but I think that if you want to use an IEEE 1394 device (firewire card) than Premier 6 or later is essential.

Version 5 is patched to version 5.1c I think- you could try patching it and trying again.


I've never used Premiere 5 (I've got 6.2) but I believe 5 was the first version to be compatable with DV capture/editing so it should be ok, but might need some patches downloaded to work.
Also if you get conflict messages then I would think that perhaps another prog has control of the DV card. Try a clean reboot and only open Premiere, but connect and power on the cam before the reboot or immediately after but before starting Prem.
Another good idea is to stop ALL background progs such as antivirus etc. I use a good prog called EndItAll to do this and it is a free download (do a Google search for it). If you have problems finding it send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll forward it on to you.


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