Adobe Encore DVD editing - a quick review from a recent convert

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by nunew33, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Having recently become an Adobe Encore (1.01) convert I thought I would share my new found wisdom.

    Before I was using TMPGenc DVD Author, WinDVD authoriing tool and Nero.

    Some have better templates than others and depending on what look & feel i wanted i used all three for finishing off those RDXS32 recordings.

    but recently I started to get frustrated with the lack of flexibility on activation highlighting and menu items that didnt link to a chapter or track.

    So I looked around and found a trial version of encore and its definately the next step. it doesnt replace TMP Genc as its not automated in any way at all (ie doesnt do chapters at set intervals or auto creates menus).

    But it does allow you to create menus at the lowest level. For example menu buttons can link to other menus, pictures, pictures music, etc.

    For me the bits that I wanted were the ability to create a scene selection button where i designed the button. Also the ability to have a button controlled image library and the ability to highlight buttons by picking the image that appears when highlighted.

    For example I recently created a menu image in Adobe of a logo and text with no background. Imported this to TMPGec and the highlight was a rectangle over the image. Do the same thing in Encore and it lets you select the highlight image or even auto creates it using the base image with a tint, no tacky transluscent rectangle.

    May be telling people stuff they already know, but for me this tool has upped the quality of my DVD menus with little extra effort. Just thought i would share.

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