Adjusting input sensitivity of SVS SB12+


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I have recently got a new amp (Denon 2808), and its seems to struggle to 'wake up' my SVS SB12+ at lower volumes. I have got B&W M-1 satellites, so they sound very tinny on their own.

At the moment, I have been turning the volume up and then down again to get the sub to wake up. It is clearly playing at the lower volume, so I cannot understand why it is not coming on.

Is there an adjustment I can make?


Hi Dave - unfortunately this is a common problem with subs that have auto settings for the power, you can up gain on the sub out channel in you're amp which may help a little but my advice would be to leave the sub in the ON position...I have always left my subs on and never had any problems.


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Not sure if the internals of the SVS are the same but my old Kef sub used to wake up easier if a splitter was used which fed both the left and right inputs instead of just the usual left.

TBH i've not needed it since using SVS subs though

Alex D

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I would try turning down the gain on the SB12 and recalibrating the subwoofer level on the reciever. This helps a louder signal wake up the sub and, because it's a louder signal, the SB12 amp has less work to do. Ideally you should have the receiver between -8 and -3 dB.

Otherwise, as recruit said, leaving subs on all the time is a simple solution. It's what I've always down and never had any problems.

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