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We've just bought a Sony 65XH950. Lovely TV but is currently stands on it's legs on a sideboard while we choose a suitable TV stand for it. Standing on it's legs there is a bit of a wobble (may by design?). I need some help to choose the right TV stand, either a regular stand/unit with the TV sat on it's legs on the stand, OR a Stand/unit which also incorporates a Cantilever bracket at the back (like Alphason Chromium or Chaplin).

100% we *do not* want to wall mount the tv (although that could be the most secure considering the concern raised below), but have it on a unit/stand. What are people's experiences of how securely this size of TV sits on it's legs? Can it be easily tipped over or pushed (slip) off the top of the TV unit. I feel nervous as I've observed the tv wobbles if touched and that the feet spread so wide there's not much extra depth on the top of the unit surface in case it gets pushed back (and off the top). Note the depth of the sideboard is comparable to many TV units we've seen on the market.

Anyone have experience of Cantilever TV stands (Ikea Besta+Uppleva, Alphason Chromium/Chaplin) and are they quite stable and would they give an additional level of security to the TV above and beyond "TV on it's legs"? While searching the forums I came across a passing comment that TV on Ikea Besta/Uppleva is a bit wobbly, but if not touched it's just fine. I'd only go for this type of stand if the sentiment is that it gives a level of security above and beyond TV on it's legs since options for such stands are limited.

The reason for asking is of course general paranoia having just bought a big and expensive TV and wanting to protect the investment. General accidents happen but we also we have a very lively 5 year old boy in our household.

Thank in advance!
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Safety straps or bar might be the way forward if you want to keep the TV on the sideboard. Canteliver stands are at least bolted together, so the total mass and centre of gravity is lower.

Quite honestly, the danger of an airborne toy destroying the screen is probably greater than the TV being pulled off the unit.

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