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Additional Tv


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Hi new to forum and have been looking to see if anyone has the same problem as myself no luck so here goes.

I currently have a TV system running from one aerial in the loft with a powered 6 way splitter in the loft 5 Tvs currently run off this system with no probs all have freeview set top boxes and signal/picture is excelllent.
The problem I have is that I have just run a cable down the outside of the building and into the kitchen to feed a sixth TV ( An LCD unit) this cable has gone into the spare socket in the splitter, this has caused the signal on all the other tvs to break and loose pixels also white lines appear through the picture, the picture on the new tv is also very poor.
This problem is still there if I have the Analogue or digital working.
I have also tried connecting the coax to seperate aerial in the loft but again the just created interference with the other tvs.
I thought it might be the electrical appliances in the kitchen causing interference and have switched them all off and nothing improves.
Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.:thumbsup:


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Easy to see if never-right is misnamed - unplug some others and try new and a couple of old ones.

But IIUC you say you get the problem even if there is no actual connection between the new and the old systems. That sounds like interference, maybe from an external source, and/or a shorted or unearthed cable. In principle if the outer of your new coax is grounded it should not pick up interference. But if nothing is grounded it could do the opposite.

If you have the coax, try another lead. And check all the plugs for shorts - it only takes one thin strand of shield. Is is good or cheap coax?
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