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I contacted VM and asked about the V HD box the guy told me that since I already had a Tivo, V+ HD and a V Box that I would have to pay for the V HD box, he then told me that he could send the V HD box to swap for my V Box.
Could someone please tell me if;

A. The new V HD box comes with it's own card.
B. If the answer to A is yes, there is a 3-way splitter with one spare, could I then connect the V Box to this? in effect gaining another box?


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You don't get to keep the Virgin STBs and they are not yours. You rent them from Virgin Media and they remain their property. The HD box will require a card that is tied to that particular box and your account at that address. VM may expect you to remove the card from the SD box and use this in conjunction with the HD box, but you will then be required to activate it by calling VM and by having them assign the card to the new box? I'd imagine Virgin cancelling the card associated with your current SD box and them expecting you to return the SD box to them. It isn't yours to keep.

If you've already 3 boxes and probably BB internet then I'd expect an additional box to need an installer to increase the signal strength if adding yet another box to the equation? You cannot adjust the signal strength even if you split the feed.
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