Addition of alpha amp to AVR300?


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Hello :hiya: , advice would be much appreciated as I am a bit new to proper hi-fi!

I am enjoying my DV79 (also for CD replay) and Project Debut T/T fed through my AVR300 (stereo direct) to Castle Compact column speakers (and the rest of 5.1 system).

The speakers are great :thumbsup: , except that they can't be biamped (I didn't think I would buy an AVR300 when I chose them, and I didn't like Monitor Audio looks). They are fairly demanding- 87 db, 6 ohm, but nearer 4 and "lumpy" impedance according to HiFi World.

So, the question is, would spending a little money to add an Alpha 9 stereo amp improve the sound from my front speakers? It seems that some people are using this, or a similar combination. For surround sound, I would then run the AVR front pre-outs into the relevant Alpha input and disable the pre-amp stage on it. What would be best for stereo- input source directly into alpha, or still go via the AVR300 and use the alpha as a power amp? There is a post by Andy Dutton suggesting the former, and he should know- so this old amp on its own can give better stereo!?

I hope this makes some sense...:confused: I don't want to buy anything more expensive than an alpha 9, and I need advice on whether to spend money on something that I can't audition, and which doesn't match my Diva range visually ;) . (... would I be better off spending money on a good second hand stand alone CD player, perhaps, even if it cost more than twice as much:rolleyes: )


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Hmmm :confused: ... 79 views and no replies- maybe it is a boring question, maybe I have made it complicated, or maybe nobody thinks it is a good idea?

Anyway, another option might include getting a second hand P80/P90 (to match!), and then obviously use the AVR300 preamp.

Timmy C

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I've never heard an AVR300 so can't really say if an Alpha9 would be better. Have you considered an Alpha 10 as they can be had cheaply too these days?


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Thanks, I may just decide how much cash I will put on this and go for a 9 or 10, and resell if no big difference.

I know someone in USA uses the 10 with the AVR300 with similarly rated speakers and thinks it is well worth it- and also uses a 9 for the rear channels and something else for the centre, don't think I'll go that far!:D

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