Adding Stops or Via to Navigator 6000 Route

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    Essex, England
    I have a Road Angel Navigator 6000 which has just been updated to version 3 which is a big improvement on version 1

    I am trying to setup a route to Axminster, Devon from my home in Essex with Stops/Via for Fleet Services,(M3) Ilminster & Chard so as to force the Navigator to take me in a specific direction using the A303.

    I have the various Stops/Via saved as Bookmarks.

    I have tried to follow the instructions but I just don't seem able to get the full route, with Stops/Vias setup. With the system showing my home location I first of all setup my final destination and then add the Stops/Vias as per the manual but it doesn't set the route correctly from home to Devon. It seems to only pickup the route from Devon backwards as if I'm starting from my destination.

    I'm getting really frustrated as I have to go to Devon early Tuesday morning and wanted the route set.

    I assume I must be doing something wrong but can't work out what as I'm sure I'm following what the manual says.

    Can anyone give me step my step instructions on how to setup the route correctly before I go completely mad.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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