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I currently have an AVR2805, and would like some advice with regard to adding a stereo amp for stereo music.

I want to be able to use my front main speakers for both stereo and surround, so I need the two systems to be linked. I know that it is possible to connect a power amp to the pre-outs on my receiver, thereby increasing the available power - but presumably I cannot connect a cd player directly to a power amp? So can I connect an integrated stereo amp to the pre-outs, with the front main speakers running off this? If so, I could connect the CD player to the integrated amp and just use this when litening to stereo, and when listening to surround sound I could power up both the receiver and the integrated amp, and use the receiver to control sound output balanced through the stereo amp for the front mains.

Can I do this - or is there a problem connecting an integrated amplifier via pre-outs?


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There are many threads on using a stereo amp to power the front speakers already if you do a quick search.

If you used a power amp then your AVR would have to be used as the preamp for all your sources (DVD, CD etc)

If you used a intergrated amp then you would normally connect multichannels to the AVR (eg DVD) and stereo to the intergrated amp (eg CD)
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