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Adding & Mixing Home Plugs?


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Hi All,

Apologies for the novice nature of my questions but currently we have the following Home Plugs - TP-LINK TL-PA451KIT AV500 Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through Starter Kit:


One is connected to the Router downstairs & another to an upstairs bedroom socket with an Cat5e cable from the Home-Plug to the back of a Smart TV - seems to work OK last time I checked.

I may now need some more - another bedroom that requires multiple connections - AV Receiver, 2 x Satellite Receivers, A Smart TV & Computer. Also, for the lounge downstairs - Satellite Receiver, Smart TV & Computer.

Can one just buy more home plugs from any brand & simply plug them into the available/nearest sockets or must one get the exact same ones previously purchased for them to work in harmony etc?

Many Thanks!


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They definitely don't have to be exactly the same model, but I would try to stick with the same manufacturer. I believe you can actually mix homeplugs from different manufacturers but I'd try not to.

I have some of the TP-Link AV500 and AV600 working together without any problems


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Many Thanks for the reply! Just wondering, if I get the better 1200mbps TP-Link ones as additional plugs & my existing ones are 500mbps, will that mean all my plugs will then by default drop down to just 500mbps or will they each individually stay true to their max speed?

If they drop down to the lower speed, then would I be right in assuming it would be a) cheaper just to get additional plugs that are all 500mbps to match the existing ones or b) replace all of them to the better 1200mpbs capability?

Just to add - our house has two Consumer Units. The main one that serves most of the house has the upstairs & downstairs AC circuits connected to separate fuses.

The other Consumer Unit was installed when we had a Garage Conversion & Disabled Wetroom done & primarily serves these areas. The Router is placed in this room & connected to the wall sockets there which will mean that the Home Plug connected to the Router will also then be connected to the same circuit - will this be an issue?

I have attached some pics & images to better portray how & where things are in case they might aid better visuals of the place!

Many Thanks,

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I'm not 100% sure but I'd imagine that the speed is determined by the lowest talking homeplug. So a 1200mbps talking to a 500mbps homeplug would run at 500mbps. 2 x 1200mbps talking to each other would run at 1200mbps (or at that theoretical rate).

If you're not having bandwidth issues then I'd buy the 1200's now (if they're not significantly more expensive). You could upgrade the 500 homeplugs later if you need more speed.

I don't see any problem with where you want to use your homeplugs. You're using them across consumer units already.

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