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So, had a Harmony One+ for many years and then it got stood on and the LCD broke to replaced it with a Harmony Ultimate One which worked well until we replaced our Onkyo AVR with a Arcam that seemed to have a much less sensitive IR receiver and so often the SWMBO didn't hold the remote pointing directly at the amp and it didnt turn on or didnt change input etc and so it was generally retired.

We are about to reinstate our projector into the equation so need the AVR for sound with the projector and to act as a matrix for HDMI and therefore decided to buy a Hub to go with the remote so I can have an IR blaster directly at the AVR to resolve the issue.

Managed to set the hub up... it imported the devices and activities from the Ultimate One, have paired the devices and changed the Projector from Epson 7200 to 7400... but now struggling to get things working. At the moment my physical remote is only triggering the hub for the projector and for the amp etc its relying on IR. We have Lifx that can be controlled by the hub but not the remote directly so would like activities to be the same on both hub and remote.

Think the Harmony website is badly out of date as the instructions to pair the remote and hub for the Ultimate One says to go to a site that no longer exists (the instruction for more modern remotes worked though) and so suspect others have more knowledge than the site :(

How do I get it so the remote and hub sync with each other and each can control the same devices?

Seems that anything via the computer to the remote works via the hub but that means removing and readding each device and means it wont be able to control non-IR devices like turning on the TV and bias lighting... sure its supposed to work better than this :(
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