Adding extra IR functionality (invoke a hotkey)?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by Dunkwho, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Thoughts and ideas on this please ...

    My MCE htpc is hooked to two displays, regular TV and a PJ using the two outputs on my 9600. I toggle the primary display between the two devices using a powerstrip hot key (they're not running at the same res\cloned) and need to pick up the keyboard everytime I want to switch. I'd like to be able to perform this function by IR. My control setup right now is a mx700 programmable remote inc the MCE commands and a regular MCE USB receiver - ideally I'd use a new (random\not conflicting) IR sequence programmed into the 700 and have something running on the htpc to "send" the hotkey. I've browsed over at girder but found myself running away screaming - a) its $35!, b) its way over complicated for toggling a hotkey command :(

    Any thought on alternatives to girder ... or any info on how to use girder to do this, did try once with the MCE pluggin but couldn't get it to say boo to anything :(


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