Adding an SSD to play movie files off a Dune HD 4K


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I have an older Dune HD Pro 4K I purchased off eBay a few weeks ago, it was mint and looked like some of the hardware was never used.

This model ------> Dune HD Pro 4K

I was wondering if there was any advantage using a SSD internally to play movie files, or does it evern matter? I have a 1TB SSD I thought about putting in it, or I can use the 3TB or 8TB spin drives I already have.

Thanks in advance

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Spin drives are more than fast enough to play 4K Remuxes, so there's no real advantage to using an SSD.

The only benefit I can see from it is adding new content will take less time if it's networked and your network is fast enough. Other than that the small size and cost don't stack up and you'd be better with a larger mechanical drive.


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If you are going to clone the drive, then the advantage will be at the startup and accessing programs. I use a separate SSD for this side and store all my material on a few HDD's. If its just for storage, then I wouldn't bother unless you can hear the HDD whining when watching movies

Mine you having read the spec's, it driven by a flash drive anyway meaning that it would just be an expensive storage drive to me. Better off maximising your space as its amazing how quickly it can be filled
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