Adding a power amp, the practicalities


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I have a couple of questions about adding a power amp such as the Rotel 1095 to my setup.

1. Can I arrange to have it biamp the front two and power the centre speaker? i.e. can the amp take 1 source an amplify it through two channels?

2. How do I control volume, through the Pioneer, acting as the pre-amp, or through the power amp?

Oh and another thing while I'm here, when people talk of a pre/pro setup do they mean pre-amp and power amp? If so, why pro?



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Yes you can use 4 of the 5 channels to bi-amp the fronts with the 5th driving the center. You will use a splitter in the same way you might drive a sub with left and right inputs from a single output.The imput impedance of the Rotel should be high enough to cause the Pioneer no problems driving two channels per side, ideally use short interconnects however.
The volume will be controlled by the pioneer which will act as a processor (or pre-amp if you like) for the front three channels whilst driving the rear channels.





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Many thanks Steve.


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might i suggest the parasound halo a52 instead of the rotel 1095? not as powerful but much more refined and a lot more muscial


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Haven't heard the Parasound yet, but after a demo of Rotel stuff on Friday, several previous casual listens, and after reading so many positive reviews I was disappointed with them. Yes a 5 channel amp is convenient but I think you should consider multiple monoblocs or stereo amps instead, with maybe an emphasis on the front channels.

Just my 2p.



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I am not actually making the decision yet guys, I just wanted some info, but thanks for the input. The amp is a bit back in the queue, unless my 2011 gives me problems with the new speakers (B&W 700 series most likely).


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daneel i had rotel 985 5 channel power amp the mk1 vertion and the 981 2 channel sterio power.

used the 5 channel with 3802+cdm1nts more "grunt with movies"

also tried with my older m/shorts which have 2 bass/mid units biamped this improved things, i found the rotel amps +cdms a bit too harsh in the treble region in sterio .

did try linn lk85 approx 42 watts into 8 ohms far more refined than the rotels.

if you have 2011 you can biamp the fronts i think using the rear channels i believe???

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