Adding a 'false' ceiling...?


I'm just thinking about my options in regards to adding a false ceiling in the room as pictured.

We plan on using the actual room as a 'gym'. Its currently a triple height room and serves no real purpose being so high!!

What I would like to do is build a false ceiling so it lines up with the bit that sticks out already.

Then I'd like to add some spot lights and mount a set of speakers on brackets from the ceiling. The space above I'd like to mainly use as storage space rather than another actual room however I'd like to knock the wall through where it slightly sticks out as this backs on to my current cinema room and if I could open this up slightly it means I can mount some much bigger speakers behind my screen, move the subwoofer out the room and add a dedicated rack mount in the space.

I'll most likely get a proper company in to carry out the work and will also need to make 100% sure the wall I want to mess about with isn't load bearing!!

If its going to involve adding RSJ's etc then I'm not sure if I'll bother...I'm wondering if heavy duty joist hangers would be sufficient bolted in to the wall with 45x195mm C24 timber.

Just after any thoughts / ideas before getting a few quotes for doing the work!


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I would just bolt a 9x2 wallplate to 2 sides of the wall(chem fixed and bolted) and then use 9x2 joists at 400c nailed and held with lighter jiffy hangers and nogging at 1.5 M...what is the L xW of the room?

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