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Adding a delta 290p worthwhile


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I'm very happy with my system (see sig), but as ever, i want more. Will adding a delta 290P to my system, give a noticeable increase in the sound quality, or should i spend my money on overhauling my marantz CDP, with chasis dampening + oak feet, new audiocom clock + custom PSU, and some new op627 op-amps?

I think i could get the 290P and some more speakers cable for £100-£150, and the new clock + PSU for the CDP will cost ~£100, so i could get the new op-amps as well.



Timmy C

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I can't tell you much about modding your cd player but I can guarantee you won't regret adding a 290p. It's also worth knowing that all 290's can be turned into power amps at the flick of a switch. Some models had an internal switch and some external but they all have this feature as far as I know. Usefull to know as they seem to come up for sale more often than the 290p.


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With regard to the CDP mods, it's well known that a well modified CD63 will rival pretty much any CDP below £600, and possibly more expensive players. Pretty good for a player that cost me £35 off ebay :thumbsup:

Ah so if i bought another delta 290 integrated, it could also become a power amp by ficking the internal switch. SIMPLE. What cablse would i need to use to connect the amps. Just another high quality stereo interconnect linking the pre-amp sockets? Any ideas which cheap interconnect i could use?

Just wondering what price limit i should put on the amp ?



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following advice received on this board I added an Alpha 9P to my Alpha 9 Integrated and have no regrets at all about it. I believe that (appearances aside) the Delta 290's and Alpha 9's are virtually identical.

I believe Delta 290P's go for around £150 on ebay. The Xeta 290P is (I understand) virtually exactly the same animal, although different cosmetically, and might be worth looking out for.

I use a Mark Grant/Canare interconnect between the two, which cost £25 - check here.

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