Add subwoofer to Midi Hi-Fi?


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I got a new amp/midi hi-fi for my speakers. The system is called a Sony LBT-XB8AV. I have 2 Sony Saw LBT-XB80AV speakers connected. I have 3 surround speaker sockets left over, center, rear left & right. Here is the specifiation from the manual:

FRONT SPEAKER: accepts impedance of 8 to 16 ohms (already being used by my 2 SAW Speakes)

SURROUND CENTER SPEAKER: accepts impedance of 8 to 16 ohms (empty)
SURROUND REAR: accepts impedance of 8 to 16 ohms (empty)

The original speakers that were connected to the surround would have been:

Center - 25W 8ohms @ 1kHz 10% THD, REAR - 12.5W + 12.5W 16ohms @ 1kHz 10% THD

So would it be possible to connect a subwoofer to one of those surround speaker plugs? Maybe the center? Most sybwoofers I have seen a 3 ohms, which is way too low.


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Does the sub have left and right speaker connectors? If yes, run a seperate paired speaker cable from the sub to the same front channels you have now on the amp (as if you were wiring up a second set of speakers to the amp). You might have to bunch the leads in together and it can get tight.....

Your amp has no seperate sub channel and using one of the surround modes to include the centre channel will sound rubbish. :thumbsdow


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The sub does have the left and right copper wires. So do I wire it up into the same connection as the left and right speakers? So for example have to speakers plugged into the left socket? If this is the case would that overload the amp? Or would this be a series connection and therefore be 8 + 3 ohms making it 11 ohms which is fine?
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