Add Sub or Upgrade speakers?


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Hoping for some guidance from people more knowledgeable than I!

Current system - EAT C major turntable - Music Fidelity M2si amp - B&W 606 speakers - Rega Apollo CD - Sonos Port
Room approx 3x4m
Listening distance approx 2m
Only listening to music of various genres.

Generally happy with the system but occasionally listen to music through my living room system (Sonos Beam, 2 x Play 1's and Sub) and can't help but liking the extra weight the sub brings. No comparison in the mids / highs but that heft at lower frequencies is appealing.

So the question is would there be a consensus to trade in and upgrade the 606's to something better eg Revel Concerta2, KEF R3's or try adding a sub circa £500. I don't think my listening room would work with floor standers hence keeping my options to standmounts +/- SW.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.



The KEF R3s may surprise you in how deep and controlled they can actually go. The MF has a good power supply which will facilitate the drops to 3.2 ohms that the R3s can achieve. I've not listened to the MF2si but did so with the MF3s and KEF R300s several years ago and they did seem well suited then.

You would need a sub that has a high level input to use alongside the MF. REL make very musical subs that are very fast and compliment speakers very well indeed. You are supplied with a Neutrik connector for a high level connection. REL have just revamped their T Series subs and they come with a substantial increase in price. SSaV have the old T5i on offer.

With SSaV being KEF stockists you never know if a deal is possible. Worth a phone call perhaps. I've not listened to the Revels so will not comment on them.



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Thanks @gibbsy. I don't think I can afford to both change the speakers and add a sub. It was either / or unfortunately.

The shop I bought the MF from were a little anti adding a sub and suggested that the MF would likely open up the bottom end of the 606's. To some extent they were spot on but it takes a bit more volume than I can use and keep the right side of my family!

I'll give SSaV a call and see if they can advise further. There's one about 45 mins from me.


If the Revel that you are looking at is the standmount M16 then that is a two way design as opposed to the KEF's true 3 way layout. In theory that should give a superior separation between the mids and the highs so nothing is lost in that transition band.

The Revels are going to be a little bit harder on the amp, but not by much. I suspect the KEFs will also dig a little deeper in the bass department because of the bigger body size and heavier build. That's only an opinion and an audition is essential.

I wouldn't worry about getting a sub if you settle on the R3s. My R300s go deep enough for me and it's bass control and the speed of the bass response that is what I personally want and the R300s deliver that in spades with the right amp driving them. A sub can always be added later when funds allow.


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A good three way speaker can be a revelation.

And the Kefs are certainly that.

If you can get a listen, or even just a blind buy, I’m certain you’ll prefer them to the B&Ws and not by a small margin.

And they’ll certainly give you the extra depth you need.


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Update - Thanks everyone for the advice. I had the opportunity to demo R3's with and without a REL T5x against my 606's. The KEFs were definitely better both alone and in combo with the sub.

Ironically I was then focused on the highs and asked the dealer about an option which might offer something interesting in that area. Long time listening to various types of music and I am now sitting here with a pair of ATC SMC11's on home demo. Turns out my old ears put more value in a smoother top end!

I have a REL T5x here too but genuinely can't decide if I prefer the overall sound with or without it. The ATC's on their own clearly don't go as low but they do have a nice bottom end that just sounds natural. Adding the REL in alters the signature and sounds great with some types of music but very different with others. Not bad in any sense, just different.

I think I'm sold on the ATC's and just mulling on the sub.


I bought a sub from the word go, but one of the main music genres required it. Would never be without one now (and was without one for 4 weeks). Budget was reasonable at the time, so constraints were different. But if I had to buy again, a sub would be part of the equation, whether £1000 or £5000. BK or Rel would be recommended


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Getting the sub tuned just right for your taste/system/room can take a while and quite a lot of experimentation if you are doing it by ear.

I would never be without one unless I had some very big floorstanders and plenty of power to drive them.

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