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Just about to invest in a projector which will point to the wall between my existing hi fi speakers. Once this is set up I'll want to add some sound from the rear for the whole effect. To be honest I'm not really that bothered about the suround sound bit as most move soundtracks seem pretty overblown anyway so something cheap and cheerful e.g. the £100+ level from Richersounds would be fine.

However I want to feed the front channels throgh my existing HiFi (as I don't want to add any more speakers there and it's a pretty serious Linn/Naim rig approx £10k for the amps alone). The front speakers are right at the edge of the screen so I won't bother with a centre. So all I want is to add a couple of small rear speakers. Unless I'm missing something most of the decoders are recievers with built in amps rather than pure decoders. Are there any that have a pre-amp output for the front speakers?



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Most AV amps have "pre-outs" for all channels of amplification so that you can use them with external power amplifiers - only the very low end kit doesn't have these outputs.

A popular upgrade that is often talked about here is adding a separate stereo amp to a AV setup to get better 2ch music. This is the same as you want to do - except you already have the 2ch setup.

I would sugest that you visit Richer Sounds and look at Marantz, Denon, Yamaha and possibly Pioneer at the £200 - £350 bracket.

Models to look out for are
Marantz SR4300, SR5300 and if still in stock the SR4200 and SR5200 - last years models.
Yamaha AX630
Denon 1802 and 2803 upwards (1803 doesn't have the required pre-outs)

All these amps will give you the decoding for 5(6).1, have the pre-outs for the front 2 channels through your exisiting Linn/Naim kit, and will have amplification for the rear 2 channels (plus the centre if you decide you want one later). Of course on top of this you will also need to buy the 2 additional speakers.

These amps are all £200 + but I don't think that you'll find any of the £100 ones have the required pre-outs.


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