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Add Ons for 3 Mobile Broadband

Venturer Dave

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I have just put my first Add On on my 3 mobile broadband to enable me to use it now. If I go over my 1Gb in 30 days I will get charged at £1 per Mb. I have read somewhere on here that I can 'bundle' my add ons but cannot find the reference now. Can anyone please explain what 'bundling' is and how I go about doing it to save going over my credit and being charged such huge amounts.

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33Controls Ask 3 three Menu

Activate Voucher

Check my broadband usage
Find out how much data you've got left to use. If you're getting low, why not top up and buy a new Mobile Broadband Add-on.



Top up with your credit or debit card
You can register your card with us to save time when you next top up. The following cards are accepted:



Top up with a voucher
You can buy Top-up vouchers from 3Stores and shops where you see these signs.

Activate your Top-up voucher
Step 1 To activate your Top-up, just complete the information below(you must complete all fields marked with ).

Your 16-digit Top-up PIN. (Where to find this number)

Your 3 Mobile Broadband dongle number.
(How to find your number)

Convert to an Add-on
Step 2 You now need to convert your Top-up to a Mobile Broadband Add-on from the drop-down list below.
Please select Broadband Lite 1GB £10 Broadband Plus 3GB £15 Broadband Max 7GB £25

Need help deciding which Mobile Broadband Add-on to buy and how much data you need? Our data usage guide will help you choose.

Step 3 Just click on the button below - you'll be asked to confirm your details before your Mobile Broadband Add-on is activated. Submit Useful links
Check my broadband usage
Top up with card
Convert credit to a Mobile Broadband Add-on
Go to My3 home
Log in to another My3 account

© Hutchison 3G UK Limited 2002 - 2009


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150mb isnt alot lol

No it isn't, but what other Pay As You Go mobile provider gives you free internet access when you top up £5?
Compared to for instance O2 web bolt on for PAYG phones is £7.50 a month with a Fair Usage Policy of less than 200mb.

Venturer Dave

Standard Member
I've just got the 3 dongle to plug into my laptop so I can have broadband when away from home. My mobile is O2 so I was looking for a low cost payg broadband and 3 seemed to fit the bill. I just fear going over my 1Gb limit and being chaged at £1 per Mb, ouch.

From the advice above I think I understand how it all works now, thanks.


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Sorry if I've misunderstood the question, but if you're using a PAYG 3 Dongle all you have to do is convert your balance into one or more mobile broadband add ons (e.g. £10 for 1GB, £15 for 3GB etc).

Each add on lasts for 30 days or until the GB allowance is used up. You can buy as many add ons as you like and 3 just queue them up until they're ready to be used. There's no time limit on them. It's perfectly safe.

The only way you'll get charged the dreaded £1 per Mb is if you had any cash left in credit after buying add ons and your add ons had expired or been used up and you kept on accessing the service.

For example I'm in the middle of a 30 day add on at the moment and I've got two £15/3GB add ons queued up and about £3 in credit.


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If an add-on is queued, does it become active as soon as the old one expires if the modem isn't being used - or will it only become active when it's starts being used again? Our old add-on ends in 1 day, and I'm planning to sell the dongle, and there is a £15 add-on queued.


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I've never tested it, but I'm certain that once it's queued it starts being used when the existing add-on expires.

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