Add non-Freesat channel(s) on LG TV?


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I read online that some Freesat equipment lets you add non-Freesat channels manually, with one popular channel being Channel 4 HD. Is it possible to do this on a modern LG TV that has a Freesat tuner built-in? If so how? Ideally without losing the Freesat channels in the process.

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I never found a way. C4HD is the obvious missing channel. LG Freesat TVs use some sort of overlay which prevents you adding other satellites, at least, that's the case on my 2019 LG. When I challenged LG about this, stating that it was part of the spec., they told me that LG Freesat TVs weren't really that, as they didn't fully conform to the full set of requirements. Just how LG can claim that their products are Freesat-certified is beyond me.

There may well be a way to do this -- there's something about editing configuration files, discussed in a thread in the Satellites forum, as I recall, but it's not something that I've tried.
@LightBright ,

What model of LG television do you have?

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