Adapting Home Theatre to Stereo HiFi


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I was listening to HiFi stereo and truly enjoying it so far, but the day has come to adapt our living room to a proper HT setup.
I don't want to lose the ability to listen to good quality music. From reading this forum, it became apparent that typical AVR is good at serving its purpose - Home Theatre audio, but no so great in stereo and to mary both one could use an integrated amp with HT bypass.

I'm mainly listening to streaming services and it would be my sole source.

The question is: Having a fixed budget, what would be the best option:

  1. AVR + Integrated amp with HT bypass mode
    1. in this case, I would use DAC and preamp from AVR and an integrated amp would serve only as a power amp
    2. PRO: A flexible setup I can extend in the future
    3. CON: I'm not using the preamp section of the integrated amp (but still have to pay for it)
  2. AVR + Integrated amp + Source
    1. In this case, I would connect AVR to HT bypass input of the integrated amp and streamer as another source to the integrated amp (with DAC on either amp or streamer side)
    2. PRO: A flexible setup I can extend in the future, Highest potential quality with dedicated components (?)
    3. CON: I still have 2 DAC's, 2 preamps
  3. AVR + power amp
    1. I connect AVR to the power amp - simples
    2. PRO: no redundant components
    3. CON: not easily upgradable, I'm suing DAC and preamp from AVR
  4. AVR
    1. Blow the budget on AVR :) and use it in Stereo mode
I think the key here is fixed budged. I understand that having separate, dedicated components would give me the best sound. But if I spread my budget across many components (e.g. paying for the phono stage of the integrated amp which I would never use) I end up with components that are not the highest quality I can afford.

To be more specific my budget is £2k max. I was thinking about Marantz SR5015 of Yamaha V6A for AVR and the rest spent on an amp. Or for example, Anthem MRX 540 driving all.

I have Tannoy Revolution XT6F as a part of 5.1 setup

I'm very open when it comes to second-hand amps
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For me option 2 or 4 would be acceptable, although I'd probably go for a Denon and stereo amp for option 2 and a Nad, Arcam or Anthem for option 4.

Personally I went for an in-between option which was a Marantz AVR, which I believe to be better than average for music to tide me over til I upgrade to a HT bypass stereo amp. Since then I've decided to not bother with the HT bypass amp but save the money for a dedicated stereo system when we eventually build an extension. With a bit of saving I reckon a Lyngdorf TDA 1120 will be my next stereo.


The MRX all the way.

Faffing about with using the pre outs into integrateds, or ht bypass malarkey is a pain and self defeating with anything other than a whopping budget.

The Anthem receivers are very good with music, exceptionally so amongst AV amps.

And with ARC Genesis they are superb indeed.


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OK, now I'm a happy Anthem MRX 720 owner :)

The pain now is the streaming though. Play fi is a bit of a letdown after the Sonos experience. The main complaint is that I can not "Transfer" Amazon Music playback from my phone to the receiver The music stops if I leave the flat, answer the phone or close the app accidentally.

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