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Hello, can anyone tell me common pins between DVI-I, HDMI, and VGA. Also, can all shields and grounds be connected to a common ground?

I am making a 3 way adapter.

Edit: Also, is their any pins other than ground that can be connected to each other and ran in a single wire?

Chris Muriel

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A Google or Wiki search will show you that e.g. Google "VGA pinout".

However, I am somewhat concerned about the viability of your project.
VGA uses purely analogue signals , RGB + separate H and V syncs (RGBHV).
HDMI is purely digital and so has no signals common to VGA.
DVI-D is also purely digital.
DVI-I adds a duplication of the VGA's RGBHV signals and so can carry both.
Your "adaptor" sounds like it could need analogue-to-digital conversion, scaling and protocol conversion for it to work.

Chris Muriel, Manchester

Stephen Neal

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Chris is dead right.

DVI-I carries both analogue and digital video. VGA is analogue only, HDMI is digital only.

You can therefore convert to and from DVI-I and VGA staying in the analogue domain, or convert to and from DVI-I and HDMI in the digital domain.

(DVI-D is digital only - and is similar to HDMI minus the ability to carry sound - apart from some oddball non-standard graphics-card DVI+Audio implementations)

I don't know if a DVI-I output carries both video signals at the same time - or looks to see which set of pins have a display connected to them - as displays can talk back to sources on all three standards to negotiate refresh rates and resolutions.

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