Activision for sale ?


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wow, I always thought WOW was such a big cash cow that it pretty much funded all of activision. (well that and the COD franchise)

I must say though, much like EA a number of years** ago they have been peddling the same old game with a new skin for so long now that some sort of shake up may be a good thing.

**Maybe it is my imagination but I do feel that EA do seem to put more effort into even their yearly franchises these days.

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WOW is a cash cow. I'm sure someone said that the overheads for the game only, worldwide came to less than a million dollars per month. If people are paying $10 a month to subscribe and they have 9 million subscribers you can see how much they're raking in. Not to mention the charges for the expansions! Call of duty is also overpriced for the work and development put in.

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