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Is there any reason I could not use an active subwoofer from a different speaker package/manufacturer? I have a higher end Onkyo speaker set that I hooked up to my Yamaha receiver, and I'm getting very little bass from the subwoofer, despite playing with every available setting. Test tones from receiver indicate it's working, although still not very loud. Test tones from pc indicate it's working. The woofer works with my sony receiver just fine. It's activated in the yamaha settings, volume all the way up, level all the way up, played with crossover settings. And just, wimpy. I don't understand.

I just hooked up the yahama woofer that came with it, and it works fine. It's just the bass quality is MUCH less. It's muddy and kind of blah.

I'm getting crazy buzzing from my Sony receiver after moving the unit across the room. This also I don't understand, it worked amazing yesterday and every day for the past month since purchasing. The yamaha sitting in the same location is fine. I've taken the cover off the Sony to investigate but I see nothing that stands out as a problem. This I'm less concerned with at the moment because I'm still within return window, although I'll lose out of expensive shipping.


Absolutely no reason at all. Subs that are packaged with the vast majority of speaker bundles are usually the weak link. You can purchase any sub from any specialist manufacturer and they are all going to work alongside any make of speaker. All you have to do is re-run your AV amps calibration. No doubt others will be alone to recommend subs that are available in the US.


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I bought a calibration mic only to realize this yamaha receiver doesn't have a mic port. Even shows the port in the user manual. But it's not there. So not sure what calibration I can do. I just switched the sub cable from the onkyo sub to the yamaha and voila, mega bass, although muddy as hell.

As far as the woofer, doesn't make sense, right? It worked perfectly with the sony receiver a few hours ago. The only thing that makes sense is that it died/shorted literally a couple hours ago when I replaced the sony receiver with the yamaha.

I guess this is what you get when you buy used equipment. I just didn't want to spend $1000 for a semi decent system new.

I guess I have no choice but to hook the sony back up and verify it's the sub that has failed.

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