Question Active sub woofer recommendations for stereo bookshelf setup

Robbie G

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Hi all

At home I mostly listen to music via FLACs played on the PC in the study through a NAD D3020.

The speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze 2s and the amp has a sub woofer output, passing <150Hz information via a stereo / RCA jack.

I'm after more bass and sub bass, with a focus on sound quality and 'filling in' the low notes, rather than volume.

Would anyone have any recommendations on mid-range level active subs that would be suitable for this application please?

Budget is fairly flexible as I'm happy to go second hand.

Thank you.


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I use a pair of Monitor Audio C165 in ceiling speakers and use a BK Gemini II Sub to do exactly the same. I think that it would sit really nicely with your setup.


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BK are a pretty good bet, buying direct from the manufacturer maximises bang for buck.

Gemini II is a good start, the new p12 is probably the next step up or go the full monty and buy two Double Gems and use them as stands for the MA’s.



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I use a BK200 to support my Kef R300's for 2 channel music. It is a lovely looking sub, small footprint, fast and smooth. Very happy with what it adds to the music experience.


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Any of the BK subs will work brilliantly. More important than the choice of sub is how you integrate it with the main speakers; you can do it to some extent by ear with the controls on the sub. Ideally however you want a pair of subs and some form of DSP to time-align and equalise them.

Robbie G

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Hey all. Just to follow this up, I've ordered a front-facing BK XLS200 in matt black from the eBay store. Open box for £300, arrives next week.

Really quite looking forward to hearing what it does for my stereo HiFi listening experience, after recalling what my 10" Focal sub did to my car stereo back in the day.
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